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7 Things You Should Do With Your Wife (Or Someone Else Will).

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Thomas Kavounas, Author at GoodGuySwag

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Thomas Kavounas, Author at GoodGuySwag.

My forevermore

11 Nov

Navigating Relationships

My Forevermore



There are a lot of people who are going through the pain of watching a loved one battle Alzheimer’s. This is the story of a person struggling with losing their battle with Alzheimers; losing all memory of his loved ones. He decides to write a letter to his wife the love of his life while he tries to consumes the lifetime of memories they’ve made.


Every day he sits down to write his wife about their life together and how he does not have one day of regret about what their life has been together. It’s harder and harder for him to recollect some of the precious moments they’ve spent so he uses photos to help remind him.

He knows that each day is more and more precious than the last.

He writes to her how much he loves her smile and the way she laughs.


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11 Nov

Navigating Relationships


A smile comes to her face while reminiscing about an encounter she and her husband had this morning while cooking breakfast. It’s funny how the simplest of things can inspire joy in the heart and mind.

Today it was a sneeze. Her husband sneezed while they were in the kitchen and she said bless you nothing unsual about that right? Well it was what came next that made her feel special; after she said bless you her husband walked up from behind leaned in kissed her on the temple and whispered to her:

“Why yes I am truley blessed”.

Sould could only blush as a feeling of warmth and contentment fell upon her.

The most beautuful things can come from where you least expect it.

Written By: Larry D..Miller 

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